Prevention of Ministroke in Seniors

Prevention of Ministroke in Seniors

A ministroke is a “bell” that says that if a person does not change their lifestyle, they have increased chances of suffering a stroke, the outcome of which can be completely unpredictable. Statistics scares: every fifth person receives a brain “stroke” already during the first month after a single micro stroke. In order to avoid any serious consequence, do this, when the symptoms of a ministroke occur, do not wait until it goes away, but start the treatment, continuing it for a few more months, at least. In addition, the correction of an unhealthy lifestyle is also important.

Effects of ministroke:

This condition often precedes the development of a “big” stroke. It alerts the person to urgently take steps to improve the blood supply to their brain. In addition, a ministroke in itself is a “training” for the brain: scientists believe that during such attacks the number of vessels increases, and therefore the subsequent stroke is more easily tolerated.

Statistics indicate that ischemic stroke may follow a ministroke:

Within the first 2 days after the symptoms of the nervous system have disappeared, every tenth person develops a stroke, another 10% tolerate it for 3 months;

for those who were in danger in the first year, a brain stroke can “knock down” for 5 years with a probability of 10-12%.

In addition to the ischemic stroke, which develops in 50-52% of people after a transient ischemic attack, a ministroke may have the following consequences:

reduced intelligence;

memory impairment;


repeated ministroke;

psycho-emotional state disorders like depression, irritability, and aggression.

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