Insuring Your Home – How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Homeowners insurance with comprehensive and adequate coverage is necessary in order to be fully protected from unforeseeable events or disasters. It can protect your home and your assets in the event of fires, theft, natural disaster and other accidents.

An HO-3 is a standard insurance policy that will protect you from and some of your assets from fire and theft but not from damage brought about by natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. As far as homeowners insurances go, an HO-3 provides the most basic of coverages and is hardly enough for most homes. Depending on your specific needs or where you live you might need much more than what your standard HO-3 offers. So how much coverage will you really need?

Your Location Determines Your Insurance Need

Where you reside greatly affects your risk exposure to natural disasters. States like Illinois for example tend to be prone to tornadoes and earthquakes. Damage from natural disasters is not usually included in your standard homeowners insurance. Extra coverage is needed for your property to be fully protected in case natural disasters cause damage to your home or your personal belongings. That is why in natural disaster prone areas like Illinois it would be prudent to include natural calamity coverage when looking for the best homeowners insurance quotes in Illinois.

Other areas may actually require flood insurance if you are in a particularly high risk area. You can ask your local government about any compulsory insurance coverage in your area.


Ask your Homebuilder To Assess Your Property For You.

Your home insurance policy from should cover enough to entirely furnish and rebuild your home should anything happen. One of the best ways to find out how much coverage you need is by consulting your homebuilder and having him/her provide an estimate of how much it takes to rebuild your home from scratch. This way, when you’re looking for the best homeowners insurance quotes in Illinois, you can factor in your properties actual cost.

Take Your Possessions into Consideration

Lastly, your personal belongings could greatly influence how much coverage you will need for your home. Do you have personal heirlooms, jewelry, and artwork kept at your home? If that is the case, additional coverage should be purchased for high value personal belongings. When asking your broker about the best homeowners insurance quotes in Illinois, be sure to mention high value belongings. This way they can factor it into the policy.