With several articles on Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 and sites such as https://www.medisupps.com/, it is important to note that  one of the biggest differences between the two types of plans has to do with the freedom to change your coverage. A supplement can be changed at any time of year. Advantage plans have an annual enrollment period at the end of the current year for coverage that begins on January 1 of the following year. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan and don’t like it, you’ll have only until February 14 to go back to original Medicare. By the 15th of February, if you haven’t yet changed yet, you be stuck in the plan for the rest of the year.

In choosing between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage Plan, for most people, the deciding factor is usually the monthly premium cost. If the Advantage Plan has the providers you need and a price that fits your budget, it could be the right choice. Medicare supplemental health insurance plans are available from many insurance companies. They all offer coverage meant to provide funds for health insurance needs that are not covered by Medical. Medicare supplemental health insurance plans became available when Medicare changed the method of coverage and payment that had been in place for several years. The new Medicare insurance does not pay as much for prescription drugs as the old insurance did and also does not cover many of the preventative health measures that are taken for elder Americans. Medicare insurance acts like a dual, or back up, insurance policy that pays for those items that Medicare no longer pays for.

There are currently twelve standardized Medicare supplemental health coverage plans available to seniors. These plans all must cover the same areas of healthcare for seniors and are not allowed cannot deviate from the standards set up by the government. The best time to buy a Medicare insurance is within six month of applying for Medicare. While many insurance companies may tell individuals that their Medicare insurance plan is different from the others and try to justify a higher price, it is important to remember that all of the plans offer the same services. Therefore, it is better to shop for the lowest price available when looking for a Medicare supplemental health insurance plan. The services that are provided by a Medicare supplemental health insurance plan do not vary and all of the plans are the same.