Florida Auto Insurance Estimate

4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Automobile Upkeep


It’s midnight. You’re up late searching a website for a Florida auto insurance estimate – this means one of two things – you have WAY too much time on your hands or you are trying to save some money. Chances are the latter, however, if your idea of a fun time is looking for insurance quotes we suggest you get a hobby.

From what to look for in your Florida auto insurance estimate to easy ways to make a tank of gas go farther read on to find our four easy tips for having everything you need to stay on the road while still having money to get on it.
Choosing a Florida Auto Insurance Estimate

The first thing you need to decide is what you can afford but if you can afford it full coverage is your best bet. Yes – it is more expensive, however, peace of mind is invaluable especially when you find yourself rammed into the bumper of the BMW. The cardinal sin of auto insurance is knowing you can afford to splurge on full coverage but sticking to the bare minimum. Trust us. It stings a lot less to pay up now than to find yourself owing money out of pocket to fix some jerk’s bumper.


Carpooling Counts

Carpooling – just the thought of it strikes fear in the hearts of drivers everywhere. It’s kind of like being stuck next to the nose picker on the school bus but we digress… carpooling really does count and it can be done in a way that doesn’t feel like a punishment. Take turns driving with a friend. You’ll enjoy the company and both save some money in the process which obviously makes this tip a win/win for you both.


Research the Road

When gas is a whopping 4 dollars in some places in America sometimes you just can’t help be tempted to buy a pony. A really, really fast pony. But that’s just not logical or possible so your next best bet is researching the road. Pick routes that cut time in half to save gas mileage. Take each route to work once to see if the time saved is worth it. For instance, if you save 10 miles by taking a back road but end up hitting a mud hole and watching for cow crossings you’d be better off just to take the highway.


Call When in Doubt

If you aren’t finding a Florida auto insurance estimate that suits your needs online, call and talk to a real person. Remember, everyone has to have insurance so they aren’t likely to try to cold-sell you some insurance by boring you to tears with their many special packages. The person on the other end of the line has no doubt been where you are and will be able to help you decide what incentive programs for safe driving might help you save in the future and how to save more upfront so that you can worry less about spending Saturday night looking for insurance and more time doing anything else… anything.

How Southern Fidelity Insurance Can Help You

Southern Fidelity Insurance provides homeowners with the opportunity to protect themselves and their house.  In the event of a natural disaster or an accident, your property will be protected by a “safety net” that you specifically designed to protect your home.  With the use of Southern Fidelity Insurance, you can protect your investments and possessions from depletion.  There are many components integrated into general homeowners insurance and you can also customize your plan to cover other areas of your everyday life.

Bring Your Home to Code after a Loss

If your home has incurred damage due to an event that is covered by your policy, Southern Fidelity Insurance will ensure that your home is repaired up to code.  With that being said, you won’t have to hire an outside contractor to ensure that the repairs are completed to the standard of your region.  Also, Southern Fidelity Insurance checks recent laws to ensure that their repairs include all current mandates to homes.  As an example, if your home is damaged by a fire and there is a mandate stating that homes now require water sprinklers, your policy may cover you for the installation of sprinklers.

Protect Family Members Outside of the Home

Depending on the policy that you choose, your homeowners insurance may cover possessions of family members who no longer live at home.  There are millions of families who have children leave for college or university and they often leave possessions at home.  If you choose the appropriate policy from Southern Fidelity Insurance, the belongings of your child will be covered in the event of a disaster.  It is important to become aware of whether the policy covers your child if they move to an off-campus residence rather than a dormitory.  If your child is not covered for off-campus housing, they will be required to purchase their own insurance policy.

Falling Debris and Power Outage Coverage

The majority of insurance policies offered by Southern Fidelity Insurance cover an ample amount of events, including falling debris.  Although falling debris may classify as an extreme event such as a satellite falling out of the sky or a less-extreme event such as a tree branch falling into your roof.  Also, you should consider whether your plan covers power outages.  Although the majority of homes are equipped with surge protectors, there is the possibility of your prized electronics being damaged due to a power outage.  Speak with an insurance agent to see if your policy qualifies for such events, if not, determine if you require coverage in those areas.

Southern Fidelity Insurance ensures that each of their clients are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of natural disasters or accidents that occur in the home.  With the opportunity to protect your investment and the individuals within it, purchasing an insurance policy is a minimal price to pay.  Prior to selecting a final insurance policy, you will want to review the terms of your agreement to ensure that it covers every area that you deem necessary.

Florida Insurance

No one likes to think about needing insurance.  The idea of something bad happening makes people nervous and they don’t want to consider that as an option.  It’s almost a talisman, of sorts.  If you just don’t talk about certain events, or even allow yourself to consider them, then they won’t happen.  Unfortunately, the reality is that a majority of people will, at one time or another, need the benefits that insurance can bring.  Knowing the type of insurance to carry and how much you require can be confusing and a source of anxiety to many.  The Florida Insurance market is as unique as the people who live in the Sunshine State.  Taking a few moments to understand the specialized insurance needs of Floridians can be informative.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance, by definition, is insurance for a homeowner.  It provides protection and restoration in the event of a loss of some kind.  In theory, the insurance allows for the home to be restored to its prior condition after a loss has been reported.  Typical homeowners insurance provides coverage for the dwelling, other structures on the property, loss of use and personal property contained in the dwelling.  Unlike most other states, however, Florida insurance provides for some specific scenarios.


It’s a fact of life in Florida: you are going to experience a hurricane. Putting up your hurricane shutters, stocking up on water and other non-perishable items, and ensuring that the flashlights have batteries is a good start to the annual hurricane season.  Another important detail in preparing for hurricane season is to check your homeowner’s insurance policy for hurricane coverage.   Homeowner deductibles can vary, and Florida Insurance has a Calendar Year Hurricane Deductible policy.  This benefits the homeowner in that, should the unthinkable happen and Florida is struck by more than one hurricane in a calendar year, the homeowner’s deductible would only be in effect the first time.  Deductible amounts can affect the premium, so check with the local insurance carrier to discuss how to lower or raise the monthly payment or the deductible amount.


Another infrequent but possible event in Florida is the development of a sinkhole.  Florida is a very shallow state – there is not much land between houses and the ocean.  This causes pockets of air to open up suddenly, swallowing houses, cars, and people – whatever happens to be there when the ground falls away.  Homeowners can add a sinkhole endorsement to their current plan, which provides for coverage of the home and possessions.  Sinkholes can be scary and dangerous, and can occur with no warning.  Establishing a sinkhole endorsement before needing it can eliminate frustration and heartache down the road.

Florida insurance is typical in many ways to the insurance needs of people everywhere.  In keeping with the quirky elements of Florida living, though, the insurance industry has its own special features to keep things interesting.  Speak with a licensed insurance agent like http://yourfloridainsurancequotes.com/ to determine the type and amount of coverage you need.