What To Do If an Elderly Person Has a Cough?


If an elderly bed patient has a cough accompanied by congestion in the lungs, the first thing that you want to do is have them in a correct body position on the bed. To facilitate the secretion of bronchial secretions, it is important to tap on their upper back area. For this, it is necessary that the patient lay on their side, after which soft pats are made on their back with the palm, starting from the bottom and moving upwards. The same should be done by placing the patient on the other side.

In order to facilitate breathing and make it more effective, the senior patient must perform special breathing exercises in addition to inhalations with moisturizers. If the patient does not have respiratory failure and suffocation, positional passive drainage can be used to accelerate the sputum discharge. It lies in the fact that a person is positioned so that their head is below the level of the body by about 15–20%. In this case, the patient should lie either on their back or on the side. Such a position can be ensured either by adjusting the functional bed or by putting rolled bedding under the lower part of the body. This procedure is carried out no more than three times a day, starting from 10–15 minutes and bringing this time to 50–60. It is performed on an empty stomach. In addition, you can pat on the back, as described above.

Home Remedies:

Before treating cough in a bedridden senior with home remedies, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and follow certain rules:

do not overeat;

give up on bad habits (smoking and drinking);

ensure entry of fresh air in the room;

completely eliminate excessive physical exertion;

use inhalation with the addition of an expectorant.

Means of traditional medicine are mainly used to strengthen the immunity of bedridden elderly patients, as well as to combat major diseases.

Popular Home Remedies:

Take a glass of cool water, dilute it to 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar and honey and drink in the morning before breakfast;

Juice and berries of chokeberry can also have a good effect;

To lubricate the back, chest, and legs, you should mix castor oil with turpentine in equal parts.

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